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Theme from The Rodriguez Brothers

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production "The Rodriguez Brothers"
produced by IBC
directed by
Herbert Capelle and Pam Clifford
written by Pam Clifford
casting by IBC

Willem Heerbaart as Pablo Rodriguez
Boris Abramov as Manuel Rodriguez
Janice Williams as Claudio Santiago Gomez Lopez Sanchez Torres Domingo de la Silva de Madrid
Linda Hellemons as Johanna Maria Gonzalez
and Alesya Capella as Johnny Rodriguez
Also with
Julian Kokosky

Irma Bruggeman
Sophy Ackerman

This production is supported by several companies such as:
Holland Equipment, Amsterdam
Fofic, Nieuwegein
RAF Professional, Hilversum
Cult Videotheek Amsterdam
Silicon Graphics Nederland BV
Microsoft Softimage UK Ltd
Gold Disk UK Ltd
Adobe Systems Europe BV

"Secrets" (RealAudio) by CRO II
Theme from The Rodriguez Brothers
"Secrets" is released on Emergency Broadcast, distributed by Play It Again Sam
"Secrets" can also be downloaded as secrets.mpg for looping your mpeg soundplayer!
About CRO II

"The Rodriguez Brothers" is an unfinished video art feature film

SCREENINGS of the 27 minute pilot version:
International Film Festival Rotterdam, 1 February 1996
Exploding Cinema Amsterdam, 9 March 1996, 6 April 1996
PLANETART "Drive-in", Hengelo (NL), 7 June 1996
DIEP, Amsterdam, 4 August 1996
more to come: return to this page for up-dates and Local TV!

"The Rodriguez Brothers" is entirely shot on Hi8 video
location Amsterdam

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